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About the Author

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Philip “Sharp Skills” Jacobs is a dynamic, thought provoking, and creative communicator who skillfully blends strategy, faith, and practical wisdom for his audiences. He is passionate about equipping emerging leaders. His philosophy is simple, build up the leader and you will build up those who follow. Jacobs is the founder/owner of the R.E.B.E.L. Firm, Strong Legacy Publishing, and Sharp Skills Music. He frequently speaks at business seminars, non-profit organization events, and college/university campuses.

Most importantly, Jacobs is crazy in love with his wife of 6 years, Menzelle, and his sons Philip Jr. and Johnathan. Other than spending time with his family, Jacobs is a die hard Laker fan, loves action movies, and is known to cut a rug or two (that’s dancing). You can find out more about Jacobs by visiting rebelfirm.com and sharpskillsmusic.com.

If you are interested in booking Philip to speak and/or perform at your next event or if you want to simply say hi, email him directly at rebelbusiness@gmail.com. All inquiries will be answered within 48 hours or less.